Quadsimia Continues to Help Runners Find Boilermaker Race Results

Jul. 9, 2012 — 

A side from allowing users to search, filter, and display official race results and statistics the enhanced interface allows users to view an interactive map of the race course and search for past results, dating back to the past 10 years. The goal of the interface was to make it simple to find the runners and results. Color coding, filtering, partial matching, first or last name, city, state, country, sex, and age group searches are all easily done with a few mouse clicks.

In addition to browsing the tabular results, Quadsimia has connected the results to the Google Maps system. "It's a very interesting and interactive way to see the hometown of runners, around the globe, who participated in the Boilermaker; and really see the true world-wide reach this great race has to offer.", said Rocco Fernalld - Quadsimia project manager on the race results web interface, "Feedback from users has been tremendous and Quadsimia looks forward to being involved in next year's race." Established in 1976, the Boilermaker has been selected by Runners World Magazine and Roadrunners' Clubs of America as one of the top races in the country, and has also been noted as one of the country's largest 15K Road Race. Click to view the Boilermaker's Official Race Results and Statistics.

For additional information on interfacing databases/data to websites for online dynamic displays, please e-mail info@quadsimia.com or call toll-free 888.499.4440.

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