E-commerce is a growing sales channel for your business. Quadsimia has been working with e-commerce applications and cart software for a decade now. In fact, we have even developed our own e-commerce solution called QuadCommerce.

Having an e-commerce web site using QuadCommerce means that customers can do more than place an order and pay for it. They can track the status of an order from placement to delivery; receive prompt support once it has arrived, and easily place related orders.

QuadCommerce is a simple, powerful and comprehensive e-commerce solution by Quadsimia. QuadCommerce is highly configurable allowing for many e-commerce solutions. Your business can be up and selling on the Internet in a single day.

For your business, having these processes available on-line makes the Web more than just another sales channel. It can help optimize inventory by directly interfacing with suppliers, improve collections by tracking customers' payment history, and build brand loyalty by providing customers with the quickest, most efficient, and reliable buying experience.

Online Stores

Quadsimia can have your customized on-line store up and running in no time at all; open 365 days a year, taking orders and collecting payments. Our revolutionary shopkeeper interface allows you or your staff to keep your store up to date with all your latest products and pricing information via a simple web-browser interface.

To learn more visit our QuadCommerce website, or contact Quadsimia directly.

Whatever the configuration, you'll be able to do business on the Internet without the limitations of "lesser carts" and without the hassle of manually tracking order e-mails between your business and its customers.

Event Registrations

Conferences or special event registrations can also be processed much more efficiently on-line. Available 24 hrs/day with automatic payment processing, receipts and notification; an on-line event registration solution could be just the answer you need. Our secure on-line transaction processing technology goes beyond on-line shops and can assist you in organizing any type of special event.


E-commerce stores are just one way to sell products on-line. Auction based services, like eBay or uBid are very popular alternatives. Quadsimia can assist your business in setting up to do auctioning online.


Conducting business over the Internet necessitates that you take special precautions to protect your vital information. Quadsimia understands the risks and incorporates the latest and best industry practices and security mechanisms into the solutions we offer our clients.


What type of software is required for me to use QuadCommerce?

The only requirement is a recent version of a standard web browser such as Mozilla FireFox or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

This means that you can use QuadCommerce from virtually any computer.

What Can Quadsimia Do For You

  • Customize your online store and have you up and running to take online orders fast.
  • Optimize inventory, improve collections, and build brand loyalty through your online store.
  • Enable you to conduct your business online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Keep your online information safe and secure.

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