qDynamo is a Content Management System (CMS) product from Quadsimia that allows you to quickly and easily administer the content on your own website. There are many benefits to using a Content Management System, like qDynamo, including:

  • Provide easy access to content for owner
  • Faster updates for fresher content and a more dynamic web site
  • Better structure and consistent design
  • No HTML or other special web skills required to use
  • Web site monitoring tools
Content Management

What is a Content Management System?

A web-based Content Management System (CMS) is a system used to manage your website's information. It does this through an administrative interface that can separate the content from the design.

A CMS makes it very easy to manage content updates, additions, and removals.

qDynamo goes even further and:

  • Requires no special software (just your web browser).
  • Allows you to setup admin accounts with various levels of permissions. For example, you can set up an 'author' account who can just update the Company Blog, or a 'designer' account who can upload pictures/images to a client's demo album, or a 'registrar' who processes new member accounts on your site. You have control over what roles and what access the accounts have.
  • Is actively being developed; giving you access to new modules and features for your website to take advantage of.

qDynamo is both the administrative control panel and site side tool set that connects your website to a back-end database used to add, update, remove, and store website data.

Each qDynamo site can be configured to have only the modules (code that controls specific content) that you need and with a few setting updates can easily expand to incorporate more modules as your business requirements and website grow.

With qDynamo, you can currently manage your own:

  • Content - build your own News section or Press Release Archives or just about any page content on a web site
  • FAQs - build your own Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
  • Photo Albums - build Albums and upload pictures or let your users do that
  • Events Calendars - track events on dynamically generated calendars, so your site can always show the latest upcoming events
  • Blogs - create your own web log and post entries. Complete with user comments, verification (CAPTCHA), moderation tools, and RSS feeds for users to subscribe to

Additional Modules

  • Member Accounts
  • Lists
  • Surveys
  • Multimedia Libraries
  • Promotions
  • Job Listings
  • Permissions, Sub Perms, and Mobile Perms
  • Message Forums
  • Schedulers
  • Business Directory
  • Web Site Listings
  • IP Banning
  • ..and more are always currently being developed!

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Is there any special software I need to install on my computer to use the qDynamo Content Management System?

No, all you need is a web browser and an internet connection. You will be given a special password protected url where you have administrative access to all of your websites content. You can write your latest news post or blog entry and instantly publish it to your website from your office or on the go.

What Can Quadsimia Do For You

  • Provide easy access to update your website content.
  • Give you access to update your website from any computer connected to the internet.
  • No HTML or other special web skills required to use qDynamo.
  • Access to manage your content, FAQs, photo albums, events calendar, FAQs and more!

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