Email Marketing Campaigns

  • Thinking about creating an email campaign?
  • Not sure where to start?
  • How to develop an engaging email, both visually and content-wise?
  • How to determine if your email campaign was successful?
Before you even think about what to send and how to send - make sure you have a subscribe feature on your website so you can accumulate email addresses from interested subscribers! Never buy email addresses! Contact Quadsimia today so we can add a subscribe feature quickly - don't wait!

#1 - Decide what information you want to send out:

  • Are you offering a new product or service?
  • Are you offering a discount to existing clients?
  • Are you attending a trade show?
  • Did you recently posted a new blog article?
  • Have you received an award?
  • Have you hired a new employee?
  • Clients like to feel like they're a part of your business, keep them in the loop!

#2 - Decide who you're going to send the email marketing campaign to. Don't just blanket everyone with the same message, unless it's appropriate. Instead break apart your email subscriber lists into sections. Perhaps certain clients are only interested in a particular product?

#3 - Hand your message and email list over to Quadsimia so we can create a visually appealing, engaging responsive email campaign for you! Take a look at our portfolio to see one of the latest successful email marketing campaigns we did for the Boilermaker Road Race. If you're more of a do-it-yourself-er, than we recommend Campaign Monitor for the best templates and statistics. We will provide you with a preview of your email campaign for your approval before emailing it to your clients.

#4 - Wait two weeks and pull your email campaign statistics. We focus on the unique open rate (20-40% goal (industrial/manufacturing industry with a niche market)) and the click to open rate (CTOR) (20% goal). Your goal is specific to your industry and how you accumulated your email addresses. B2C will typically have a lower open rate than B2B email marketing campaigns, but there are exceptions.

#5 - Plan your next email marketing campaign!

Here are a few websites that can help explain email marketing campaign statistics:


Will the graphics show up correctly on a mobile device?

Yes, Quadsimia always develops email campaigns using responsive design so no matter what device your clients are using (iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, tablets, etc.), your email campaign will look great in their inbox!

Won't clients think we're bombarding their inbox?

Quadsimia strongly recommends that you send email campaigns only to interested subscribers, and don't overwhelm them with emails every day.

Can I send an email campaign to only a few people?

Yes, targeted email campaigns can be just as successful as large email campaigns.

How Quadsimia can help your company with email marketing campaigns:

  • Letting clients know about policy changes
  • Personalized information and offers
  • Surveys
  • Up-to-date information
  • New products and services

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