Email & Hosting

From the small business that sends occasional emails to customers up to the large corporation that does business day in and day out on the Internet utilizing corporate email, web servers, mirrored databases, and e-commerce servers, we are here to help! Our services leverage Internet Technologies providing your business with solutions for efficient and effective operation.


Unsurpassed Email Services

Email is a quick and convenient way to keep in contact with your customers. With Q email services you get more features than a normal email service. All email accounts include: Computer Virus Scanning, Junk Email "Spam" Filtering, and WebMail Access.

All email accounts include:

  • Virus Scanning
    With all Q email accounts, our mail servers scan all incoming and outgoing email for over 500,000 computer viruses and variants, including Phishing Scams. We'll help protect you from receiving viruses, while at the same time protecting your customers and co-workers from you inadvertently sending them one.
  • Junk Email "Spam" Filtering
    How much of your time is wasted sorting through junk email to get to your real business and personal emails? With Q email services you can get your junk email filtered out and have it deleted automatically.
  • WebMail Service NEW!
    With the Q's newest service for clients, our WebMail system allows you to get your email anywhere from any computer with a web browser. Perfect for keeping on top of your emails when you're on travel for work or just taking a vacation.

Each client has their own webmail service, complete with the ability to customize the interface, set their own spam and virus filtering, manage address books, and create new email accounts or update/delete existing email accounts.


Connectivity, reliability, and security are just a few of the features you should be looking for when selecting an Internet Hosting provider. A great looking, well designed website isn't much use if your customers have trouble connecting or downloading information. Let Quadsimia host your Internet presence on one of our reliable high-performance servers in our access-controlled Network Operations Center; and take full advantage of our direct high-speed connectivity to the Internet.

Domains (example:

When you choose Quadsimia for Domain and/or Web Hosting services you'll benefit from our years of experience, while taking advantage of our secure, reliable, high-performance servers and direct high-speed connectivity to the Internet.

We can manage your domain in our Domain Name Servers giving the ability for quick modifications.

Registering A Domain

Many individuals and businesses register an Internet domain to establish a link between their business and online presence. Quadsimia helps you do this by helping you select a domain name and then working with you to register it on behalf of your business. We can even track your domain for renewals so that you never end up losing it due to domain expiration.

Contact us with any questions about domain availability and fees for registration.


Do I have to be at the office to get my e-mail?

You can get your e-mail anywhere using our Webmail service. Just log into your account from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection and you can view your e-mail.

What Can Quadsimia Do For You

  • Get you set up with the online services and tools tailored to your business needs.
  • Host your website & email accounts with reliable service.
  • Register your domain name & set up your web hosting.
  • Provide you with our Webmail service which allows you to get your email from anywhere.

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