Mobile Apps

Quadsimia recognizes that we live in an increasingly wireless and mobile world. Users want more access, to more data, from more places.

Our clients want to reach their customers and provide their customers the tools to get the data - no matter where they are.

Mobile Applications

That's where Quadsimia comes in. We have developed robust and adaptable mobile applications that work on cell phones and other wireless or limited resource platforms. When possible, we have utilized Java so that the same code can run on many different architectures. (The Desktop Satellite is an example of a Java application we have built.)

Quadsimia participates in beta programs and software developer plans for various mobile platforms. Most recently, the Q has applied to and been accepted into the iPhone Developer Program.

We are currently working on building a few mobile applications for our qDynamo, QuadCommerce, and BlogMo products that can be used with the iPhone.

We can build you the mobile applications to connect your business to your customers and your customers to your business. Contact us to learn how we can help you meet your mobile requirements.


I have an iPhone. Will my mobile app work on other devices as well?

Yes, Quadsimia develops mobile apps that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play on Android devices. We can also develop different sizes of your app that will display on mobile phones or tablets.

What Can Quadsimia Do For You

  • Help you reach your customers from their mobile devices.
  • Build your custom app to work on all devices; IOS, Android, etc.
  • Give your customers fast and easy access to your brand.
  • Give you a competitive advantage and build loyalty with your existing customers.

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