Q Revamps Info Space

Apr. 13, 2009 — 

Quadsimia has unveiled its new design for its own organization's website at www.quadsimia.com.

The new site has been in the works for some time. It wasn't that the content on the original site was current. The website was updated continuously through the weeks and months and it had undergone some prior design changes. It was just time to start fresh.

The simple fact was that over the past decade our compliment of products and services offered at Quadsimia has evolved. We do more things today than we did yesterday... and we do more things better.

It was decided a new information architecture would allow us to build a better website - one that more effectively communicates our Internet Products and Services to our existing clients and potential ones.

The website restructure was the path we chose to best accommodate that. While the restructure was focused on the content of the site and its search function, we also took this opportunity to change the graphic design and layout.

So without further delay... we are pleased to introduce you to the new Quadsimia website.

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