The Conclusion of My Internship

March 8, 2017

Over the past few months, I have gotten used to the workspace and have enjoyed my time here.  As my internship with Quadsimia comes to an end, I am glad to say that these 72 hours were well spent.  I have accomplished my own goals and the team at Quadsimia has exceeded my expectations.  Every person I have met here has been very friendly and helpful to me, and I have had fun working with them.  Going into this experience was something completely new for me, but with their help I have learned so much about social media marketing.  I have learned of multiple strategies that the company uses to promote a business or to make a good or service more appealing.  During my time here, I have realized that a big part of marketing is creating quick and easy ways to access the good/service.  The things that I have learned here will help me in college and in the future.  I am very grateful for this experience and all the ways that it has/will benefit me.   

Considering I will be going to college next year, I wanted to be 100% positive about my major.  Although it is possible to change your major, I thought I would free myself from that stress and figure it out now.  After completing this internship, I have experienced first-hand what my future job may be like.  I am now committed to majoring in the field of marketing.  This opportunity has given me great reassurance and relief in more ways than one.  This year, my high school did not have a class for marketing because not enough people were interested.  I was very nervous to go to college for a major that I had no experience with.  Having an internship is very close to having a job, and this experience will look great on a resume and give me a head-start in the field.  This internship was crucial to my confidence.  If I had not had this opportunity, I would have gone into college feeling very nervous.  I can thank Quadsimia for giving me the experience and knowledge I need to succeed.
Shelly LeMay

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