LinkedIn 101

November 22, 2019

Are you active on LinkedIn? What about your business? Mike and Maggie talk LinkedIn 101 in this week's episode of Tech Files. 🖥️🤖

This is a 5 minute 30 second video.


Mike: Welcome to another edition of Tech Files. My name is Mike. I’m here with Maggie today. And we’re going to talk a little bit about LinkedIn, and the marketing that you can do on that platform. But first of all, for people who don’t really know what LinkedIn is, what are kind of like, the basics of LinkedIn? I personally describe it as like, Facebook with a tie, but… (laughter)

Maggie: That’s a good description, yeah.

Mike: It’s kind of like, for business to business, right? Or you’re maybe trying to find employment?

Maggie: Right, right. LinkedIn is a social media platform, but all of the content is typically business.

Mike: Okay.

Maggie: So, as opposed to Facebook, where you’re going to see a lot of personal stuff shared…

Mike: Like, I’ll post my lunch today…

Maggie: Right.

Mike: …but I probably won’t post it on LinkedIn, right?

Maggie: No, you’re probably not going to see that on LinkedIn.

Mike: Okay.

Maggie: Professionals might share, or businesses, an article maybe related to what they do, or something about their business.

Mike: Right. So LinkedIn is focused on business…

Maggie: Right, yeah. LinkedIn works great as a recruitment tool, because a lot of job seekers are going on LinkedIn to look and see, you know, what’s available out there. So, if you’re posting relevant content that talks about what you’re business is doing, not just professionally, but even within the community; I think that promotes you as someone that may be an employer you want to work for.

Mike: Yeah, and you kind of touched on… we, not only do we do LinkedIn marketing for brands, for companies, and clients, but we also do them for executives.

Maggie: Right.

Mike: And people within businesses that may not have the time to run their page, or… How would you use LinkedIn instead of Facebook? I consider it to be a little more formal.

Maggie: Right, well, like you said, some of the professionals, executives that have come to us to manage their LinkedIn profiles… you know, we have a few different goals. So, we have one that’s a Vice President of HR, and her goal obviously is to recruit employees to their company.

Mike: Right.

Maggie: So not only are we talking about what the company does, we’re talking about this area, because they want to recruit top-level recruits from…

Mike: You’re trying to bring people into this area. Right? Yeah.

Maggie: …into this area, to work at local companies, correct.

Mike: But also, I think we talked about recruiting local kids, or going to schools locally, like MVCC, Utica College, HCCC, so that the young people that are graduating from college maybe don’t leave this area, you know…

Maggie: Right, they want to stay in this area and work at a local company, sure. I mean, it doesn’t just have to be recruiting, I mean, some of the people who we manage on LinkedIn, they want to be considered, like, a thought leader in their industry, so we’re posting industry-related articles, as well as relevant topics that their company is doing.

Mike: Right. And like I said, it almost comes down to time. You know, out of all the things that people have to do in their workday, maybe LinkedIn is not their highest priority, but- they want to be active on it, and that’s where they come to Quadsimia, and allow us to be in charge. You know, obviously, they approve the post, right? (laughter)

Maggie: Yes, yes, we do a calendar and everything. They make sure that, you know, because some of our clients are very technical B2B, so we want to make sure “does this article really make sense for you?”

Mike: Yes, yes, absolutely. So, like, even I have done a couple, what do we call them, social media calendars?

Maggie: Right, mmhmm.

Mike: Editorial calendars. And um, yeah, we come up with, what, the next 30 days of LinkedIn posts, and then those get approved by the client or the executive. Sometimes we make a couple tweaks, but, it’s very, it’s always relevant information, to be staying active on LinkedIn, if you want to, you know, recruit new employees, if you want to connect with other people, and businesses that you’d like to do business with, or partner with. And it’s just a little more formal than Facebook.

Maggie: Right, yup.

Mike: So if you have questions about LinkedIn, if you, you know, you’d like us to manage your LinkedIn- your business or your personal page – that’s what we do. That’s what we’re very good at Quadsimia. So reach out to us on our Contact page. If you go to, you can reach out to us. We’ll get you in touch with Rocco, or maybe even Maggie, personally. (laughter) Reach out to Maggie. But, yeah, we’re on social media, we’re on… we’re everywhere. (laughter)

Maggie: Hey, I think we’re even on LinkedIn.

Mike: Yes, we are on LinkedIn. Yes, Quadsimia is on LinkedIn, and like, we have our personal pages as well, so, feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll see you next time on Tech Files. Take it easy.



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