One of the newest products from Quadsimia is BlogMo - a full-featured blog authoring application. There are lots of reasons and uses for a blog (web log) in your business.

You can use your blog to report news and announce press releases, teach and inform customers, provide better support and accessibility - possibilities are limitless.

Now, if you only had some software that would allow you to type in some content and post it to your website... that's BlogMo! BlogMo takes all the difficulty or technical expertise required out of your blogging and makes it a simple, quick, and exciting experience.

BlogMo Writing

BlogMo does more than your ordinary blog software. BlogMo features:

  • Admin Interface with Dashboard displays
  • Multi-Author / Mult-Blog capability
  • Easy Moderation
  • WYSIWYG editor with templates
  • HTML posts with images or Flash file uploading
  • Database Search
  • Post Tagging with keywords
  • CAPTCHA capability
  • Customer Comments
  • Automatic RSS feed generation
  • Archive and Summary Blog Pages
  • Post Popularity Lists
  • Recent Posts
  • Tag Keyword Clouds
  • Built-in Blog Stats

Did you notice the last feature we listed, Built-in Blog Stats? This is something our clients have been asking for and we have answered them. With BlogMo, there is no requirement to hook in third party stats tools or code just to find out who was looking at your blog, what they were looking for, and more...

All these features are in BlogMo. And your feedback (just like with the new blog stats feature) is always important to Quadsimia for us to incorporate and continue to give you the best blog authoring software.

Contact us today to get BlogMo for your business.

5 Reasons why your Business should Blog

  • Build Customer Relationships
  • Build your Reputation
  • Build Customer Loyalty
  • Build Authority
  • Build Traffic & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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