Desktop Satellite

The Desktop Satellite is an application for receiving live digital information feeds right on your computer without having to do anything! The satellite uses push technology that requires nothing more of the user than simply starting the software running. Textual and graphical information is automatically pushed from the servers to the Desktop Satellite, updating its displays.

The Desktop Satellite

The information source is provided by an affiliate and displays are customized to it, so the information is local and more meaningful to you right from the start. Users have the ability, through custom settings, to further tailor the information to their own individual preferences.

Desktop Satellite Screenshot

As a testament to its adaptability, the Desktop Satellite has been quickly modified for use by a network television station to bring real-time weather displays to its viewers and, also, an educational network to announce closings and other updates from its member schools.

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Desktop Satellite is developed in Java programming language

The Desktop Satellite is developed in Java programming language, and runs without modification on Windows, Mac, and Unix computers.

Desktop Satellite for Windows, Mac, and Unix computers

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