KnowMore Answers

You never want to tell your customers "No more questions." because you are out of answers for them. Instead, how about asking them "No more answers?", because you already have a database of questions ready and waiting to support them.

With "KnowMore Answers", a knowledgebase product developed by Quadsimia, you can have a data rich online support resource for your customers. What better way to provide self-help to customers for documentation, frequently asked questions, and other support materials?

KnowMore Thinker

With KnowMore Answers customers can:

  • Register a Knowledgebase Account
  • Ask both Private and Public Questions
  • Browse and Search the Database for Answers
  • Ask new Questions
  • Follow Questions and Answers that are Posted
  • Download Documents
  • Be Notified of Updates to their Questions
  • Provide Ratings Feedback for Information

With KnowMore Answers your business can:

  • Easily Update the Questions and Answers Database
  • Respond Privately to a Specific Customer
  • Post Public Answers for All Customers to view
  • Build Documentation Libraries
  • Categorize Information for easy browsing
  • Attach Media to Answers
  • Build Customer Response Teams for Notifications of new questions
  • Generate and Review Knowledgebase Statistic Reports

What is a KnowledgeBase?

A knowledge base is a centralized repository for information: a public library or a database of related information about a particular subject.

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