ROPS Rebate Program

Custom-built rebate program and responsive website

Designed and developed by Quadsimia's team of web designers and web developers, the ROPS responsive website adapts to the type of device being used, whether it's a tablet, mobile phone, or desktop computer, properly displaying information to its users. The ROPS website also includes a custom-built program specifically made to create ROPS rebates depending on the state threshold. The exact rebate scheme varies slightly from state to state, as things like additional equipment purchased and out-of-pocket caps for farmers affect the final amount of the rebate. The custom program developed by Quadsimia automatically takes these factors into account when calculating the rebate per state. It also generates PDF letters based on who submits and what they are submitting it for, and automatically sends e-mails, completely streamlining the process.

ROPS Rebate Program

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About ROPS — The National ROPS Rebate Program (NRRP) is a voluntary program that provides rebates to farmers for approximately 70% of the cost of purchasing and installing a ROPS (Rollover Protective Structure; rollbar) kit for their tractor(s). Working to prevent tractor-related injuries and deaths in US agriculture by developing and implementing collaborative, stakeholder-driven, evidence-based solutions, the National Tractor Safety Coalition (NTSC) is a multi-sector workgroup focused on expanding the current state-based ROPS Rebate Programs into a National ROPS Rebate Program.

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