King of Kings

Custom standings module for sports leagues

King of Kings came to Quadsimia looking for a new website, as well as a way to display the league's games, schedule, and standings. Quadsimia developed a custom sports league module that allowed King of Kings to create teams and add games, as well as schedules and scores to each game. Quadsimia's custom module then takes the information provided, calculates, and display additional stats.


Quadsimia also designed and developed a new responsive website for King of Kings that included the custom standings module, a photo gallery, integrated social media, and integrated maps for related games.

King of Kings

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King of Kings is a summer basketball league affiliated with the Oneida Square Project in Upstate New York. Officially known as the King of Kings Life Development Program, the league places a strong emphasis on life skills such as education, employment, and voter registration. They have attracted the very best basketball talent from Rochester to Albany, including current or past major college basketball players, as well as former NBA players and overseas professionals.

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