Content Management Systems for Websites

November 1, 2019

What is a Content Management System (CMS) for websites? Why should you use one? Rocco Fernalld answers these questions in the latest episode of Tech Files.🤖🖥️


Mike: Welcome to another edition of Tech Files. My name is Mike Beck. I’m here with Rocco Fernalld today, and today’s topic is CMS – content management systems. Primarily, we’re going to be talking about Wordpress, and our own in-house CMS system called qDynamo.

Let’s first talk about Wordpress, because it’s probably something that people have heard about. We talked off-camera; I think it’s… you were saying it’s about 34% of…

Rocco: 30-35% of all websites. So if you have a website right now, you have a great chance that your website is bring driven by a content management system.

Mike: Right.

Rocco: So, 27 million websites globally, have some type of content management system. Whether it’s Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, ExpressionEngine – there’s dozens of them. But if you have a website now, most likely, it’s driven by a content management system. So, of the 27 million globally, there’s about 9 million websites nationally that are driven by content management systems.

Mike: What’s the point of a content management system? Why should you have one? What is it?

Rocco: First and foremost, it gives the owner of the business or the website the ability to update that website as frequently as possible, without having to come back to the development company for every time they want to make a tweak or change or add a photo or change some content. So it really gives them the flexibility to manipulate the content as frequently or as much as they need to.

Mike: So, pretty much what you’re saying- Quadsimia, we, build a website, and then we use Wordpress or qDynamo so that the client can update… make it as easy as possible for the client to do the updating.

Rocco: That’s right.

Mike: And they only call us when they need something major, or you know, an emergency happens, or something like that. They should be able to update their website on their own.

Rocco: Right. I mean, right now, we’re developing, you know- the majority of websites being developed by Quadsimia that have a content management system is probably 80-90%, so 8 out of 10 websites that we develop have some type of content management system. Primarily, Quadsimia develops with our own, as Mike has said, qDynamo. And then also, we use Wordpress, which is extremely popular.

Mike: So qDynamo is our own version of Wordpress, and from what I’ve had to dig around in it, it’s much simpler. We kind of like, cut out…

Rocco: That’s right.

Mike: …Trimmed the fat out of Wordpress, make it super simple for people to be able to update, even someone like me, you know (laughter) – you know, to be honest, I don’t know a ton about updating websites. I have a lot of experience in Wordpress, but I find qDynamo to be simpler, effective, efficient, easy.

Rocco: It is a much more user-friendly interface, I’d like to think, than Wordpress. So, a lot of our clients will our content management system, and they go in, they can add news items, they can change content easily, they can change the slider on the homepage, they can add FAQ’s, upload photos, documents, and make it very, very simple. So we give them the tool, the interface to do that, and they can manage the website on their own. If, sometimes, as of late, the last few years, 4-5 years, we’ve been really developing a lot of Wordpress sites. So, right now, we’re balancing at about a 50% qDynamo, 50% Wordpress.

Mike: Awesome.

Mike: If you’re interested in a custom-built, mobile-responsive website from Quadsimia, using either qDynamo, or the ever-popular Wordpress, feel free to reach out to us, either on our social media platforms, or go to and get ahold of us. And by us, I mean Rocco. You’ll be talking to Rocco. (laughter) And, yeah, we hope to hear from you guys, and we’ll see you soon on the next Tech Files. Take it easy.

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