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October 16, 2019


We build websites that work! But...what does that mean? Mike & Mike explain in this week's episode of Tech Files.


Mike B: Welcome to another episode of Tech Files. I’m Mike Beck, here with Mike Spina. And this week, I wanted to talk about websites, and our motto – “We Build Websites That Work!”. So, what do you mean by that? What does Quadsimia mean by “building websites that work”?

Mike S: Just simply – everyone obviously nowadays has a website. Every business has a website. But I feel, that over the years of looking at them, most of them don’t really work. They’re there. They’re online. I’m not saying they’re broken, or anything like that. They aren’t… they aren’t creating value, or getting a return on their investment, for the business that is a website. So, when I saw “we build websites that work”, that means that we will… reach their goals. Their website, go with us, they’ll reach their goals. Whatever their goals may be.

Mike B: Right. And some examples of goals that companies may have, could be something like, “we want more leads”, “we want more contact forms filled out” or say that they have an online store, they want more sales in their online store. What are some other goals that, you know, our clients have in terms of their website? I know, even something like, you know, we talk a lot about mobile responsive. Does your website work on a mobile phone?

Mike S: Absolutely. And you guys may have touched on it in another video, but the amount of traffic you get on your website is now past 50%. So, if you have a website that isn’t, what we call responsive, meaning that it responds to the device that you’re using; using a computer, iPad, iPhone… that the site looks best on each of those devices. So that’s another part of “We Build Websites That Work”. It should work on all those websites. Are the buttons clear enough on your phone to click, to get people to do what you want them to do?

Mike B: It’s almost like, you know, some of the main goals a client can have would be usability.

Mike S: Usability could certainly be a goal. Because they could be trying to convey information. Not every site is looking for a purchase, or not every site has a ‘Buy Now’ button. But, yes. Usability. You have a website because you have information that you want to get out to a consumer, or the public.

Mike B: And it could be something as simple as your store location, your hours, if you’ve got a menu on that… it can be very, very simple goals. And it’s your place… it’s kind of like your home online. Your website is where you exist in a digital space, and like I said, it’s all… What information do you want to convey?

Mike S: Yes.

Mike B: And you know, we try to do that in the easiest way possible- whatever device you use.

Mike S: Absolutely. Your website should be clear, simple, and convey the message you want, and lead the user to what you want them to do. Like Mike said – whether it be fill out a form, whether it be put something in their cart, whatever that information may be, you have to lead them to that and guide them to that end goal.

Mike B: What’s the best way that people can get in touch with Quadsimia?

Mike S: Go on our website and fill out a contact form, or…

Mike B: Or even, this probably goes right on Facebook, if you want to send us a message on Facebook.

Mike S: Absolutely.

Mike B: Probably the easiest way.

Mike S: Yeah.

Mike B: So, message us now!

Mike S: That’s right.

Mike B: We’ll talk to you soon. Alright, have a good one.

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