Google AdWords- Do I Really Need It?

August 27, 2018

In short, yes.

Google AdWords is a great way to target your online audience, affordably, with a big return on investment. 


How does it work?

The best part of Google AdWords is it’s completely customizable and budget friendly. You can use search ads, display ads, video ads, and even app ads. Your target audience can be defined by geographically targeting specific areas near and/or far. You can reach people around the corner or across the globe all within the same budget.


Have you ever heard the saying, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too”? 

Well, with Google AdWords you can. Not only will you be able to place affordable advertising, but you can also track your metrics – like how many people are shown your ads, visit your site, or call your business.


Don’t know what’s going to attract your customers? No problem. 

AdWords allows to you adjust your budget and tweak your ads whenever you want, so you are never locked into a specific campaign or price point – it’s completely flexible. 


The best part?

Quadsimia can manage this all for you and help with research and analytics that will provide you a better return over the life of your campaign. We currently manage accounts for as little as $100 per month. Your personalized account representative will work within your budget to maximize your investment and increase engagements. 

Our team of professionals is fully equipped to create the best ads at an affordable price point.


Want to know more? Contact us today and click digital marketing as your area of interest. We will set you up with a free consultation and help you decide what the most viable approach is for your business or organization. 

Pam Mustee

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