A Space of Creative Freedom - First Impressions

June 1, 2018

I am what they call a millennial- born in the 80’s, I saw the end of dial up internet and the beginning of Facebook. I google all the time, use social media to stay in touch and I like to shop local when I can. I’m sure many of you can relate. Although I haven’t been at Quadsimia long, they know me, and even better, they know how to get businesses and organizations in front of people like me. 

Coming from very structured, corporate positions most recently, it was so refreshing to walk into a space of creative freedom. Ideas, questions & concerns- no matter how out of the box or simple are considered. This freedom also leads to some really amazing work, done by a truly talented team of developers, designers, and communications gurus. Everyday we are teachers, collaborators, and artists- all working together, holding hands, singing kumbaya around a campfire… okay, maybe we don’t go that far. 

I’m going to be honest- this creative freedom has led to some pretty hilarious content ideas- bagel holes anyone? Not to mention everyone who works here has the most amazing sense of humor and is totally down to Earth and funny. Are you jealous yet? Did I mention the workplace has on site Yoga sessions? I know this is starting to sound like some kind of $6 Hallmark card- but I’m just calling it how I see it- and so far- it’s looking good!

Daniee Weaver

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