Why Web? Sage Advice from a New/Older-ish Intern!

April 21, 2017

I've been interning at Quadsimia since January of this year, and I have to tell you; it's been an amazing experience.  As the title suggests, I'm older than a typical intern, but I have a lot to offer--perhaps good advice for other interns being one thing I can offer to the social media world!  I have learned more about Web Design in the few months I've been working here at Quadsimia, than all the many months toiling away at the books trying to get my degree in Web Design.  Don't get me wrong, my education from MVCC is the only reason I even got my foot in the door here at Quadsimia.  I especially have to thank my internship professor, Justin Wilcox, and the great business internship class they have at MVCC for helping me get this internship at Quadsimia.  MVCC is a good start for anyone considering the fields of Computer Information Sciences.  I learned enough about HTML and CSS there to build a foundation for a career in Web Design.

So, why Web?  Why would a stay-at-home-mom go back to school and start a career in Web and immerse herself in code all day long?  The answer for me is simple, really.  Web gives the creative and artistic person an outlet that utilizes those talents in very practical and powerful ways, giving artistic types a good career choice that offers employability and a steady income.  If you are considering a degree in Graphic Arts, or Photography/Videography, Illustration, or even if you are the kind of person that likes to make PowerPoint Presentations or build boards on Pinterest, or scrapbook, then you would probably like Web Design.  If you like to design information and present it in a particular way, why not learn how to do it using the medium all of us use all-day-every-day and get paid for it?  Think about how many web sites we use everyday! Think of all the times you've tried to look up a company and found that they didn't have a website!  Consider all the large companies there are that already have websites and need someone to work on them and maintain them!  With the dawn of mobile media, just about everyone is carrying around access to the web in the palm of their hand.  E-commerce is growing--companies need web sites and people to design, program, and maintain them.  This field is full of opportunities for creative, and technically minded people!

Web Development and Information Design combines a very cool skillset; the ability to design, create, and be artistic--together with marketing, and business savvy--and the mind of detail-oriented, technical problem solver who isn't afraid of getting under the hood of a GUI and looking at the code and learning how things work. If this combination of talents sounds like something you, or maybe your college-bound child would be interested in, then you should consider Information Sciences when you are chosing a college major and future career.

As far as advice about interning goes?  If you are currently a college student, take an internship class.  Internships are the best way to give the theoretical knowledge you are learning real-world context.  Nothing teaches as well as experience.  Once you secure an internship, be pro-active; offer your help and talents, and don't be afraid to ask questions.  However, on the same note, find and learn about any tools and/or resources you can to help you become an independent worker and give the company confidence in your abilities.  

I have learned a lot at Quadsimia.  I certainly have become more confident in my own web skills, and I understand the languages of the web more now than I did before I came.  I am grateful for this experience, and I look forward to a bright career in Web Design!

Melanie Corelli

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