My First Impression of Quadsimia

November 29, 2016

Walking into a business on your first day as an intern can be frightening. When you know that you are the new guy, there is always a multitude of concerns and fears. Especially your first day as an intern, because you are most likely unfamiliar with the field. And myself, being a high school intern; I am walking in with almost nothing to offer, experience wise, but an intense eagerness to learn. Walking into Quadsimia and being introduced to a team of employees dedicated to their job and ready to help me learn, frightened was far from how I felt. Being a part of the New Visions program, and having the opportunity to gain real-life experience through multiple internships has taught me many things. From my internship prior to Quadsimia, I learned what I didn't like; and just two days into my internship here, I can already tell that I will be nothing but happy.  

My goals for college, a possible career, and my future lie in international business. Alongside international business, I hope to also study marketing and economics in college. I have high hopes that my internship at Quadsimia will teach me many things regarding web and social media marketing, while also giving me the chance to witness how the business side of things work. 

The environment at Quadsimia offers an interesting setting to learn and the employees are nothing but helpful. In this internship, my goal is to be as involved as possible, diving head-first into any task sent my way and hopefully learning as much as I can. Having the opportunity to see this side of the marketing field first-hand is valuable to me, and I don't plan on wasting it. I am prepared to do my best to help Quadsimia's team as they help teach me what I need to learn to be successful here and in the real world. 

Bryson Josephs

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