What It’s Like to Intern at Quadsimia

November 9, 2016

How Did I Become an Intern at Quadsimia?

Becoming an intern at Quadsimia didn’t happen overnight.  The opportunity to intern at Quadsimia came to me, in a way.  My junior year in high school, I knew I could enter the Advanced Career Immersion Experience program to obtain an internship.  Making my resume as impressive as possible was very important to me, considering college was right around the corner.  This opportunity was too good to pass up.  I had to submit my resume and an essay explaining my interest in marketing to join the program.  I believed that interning for a business would be a great experience to learn about the field I want to go into.  The next step in the program was an interview with the directors of the program.  This interview was set up to help decide the placement that would best fit me, which happened to be Quadsimia.  My internship was finalized with an interview at Quadsimia in the fall, and I was excited to begin the next week.

The First Month

For 24 weeks, I intern at Quadsimia every Wednesday from 11am to 3pm.  I leave school after the hardest class of the day, calculus, and drive about half an hour to Quadsimia.  My first day at Quadsimia, I was introduced to the team.  Everyone was very friendly and things had gotten off to a good start.  I got adjusted to my workspace and logged in to all the accounts necessary.  The first few Wednesdays, I worked on whatever they needed me to do.  Going into the month of November, I have started helping with a project for one of their social media clients.  I am excited to be a part of this assignment and the many others to come over the next few months.

Getting To Know What Quadsimia's All About

The team here at Quadsimia is very focused and motivated to get work done.  However, everyone isn’t always so serious.  I’ve personally seen darts get pretty intense in the breakroom.  The team at Quadsimia knows how to celebrate a holiday, too.  On the Wednesday before Halloween, we all painted pumpkins as a competition.  The pumpkins were posted on social media for a vote, which was a great way to include our followers.  This Halloween event also included pizza, wings, cookies, and lots of candy!  Everyone got back to work after this, but it proved to me that this internship would be a mixture of work with fun.    

Expectations and Goals           

I have learned a lot about Quadsimia and the marketing business in the few weeks I have been here.  There are many strategies used here at Quadsimia when it comes to social media marketing.  Using compelling calls to action, pictures, and asking questions are a few ways to intrigue potential customers.  Before interning at Quadsimia, I was unaware of the many businesses that have hired Quadsimia.  These businesses have all benefitted from the work the team at Quadsimia has done to help their business prosper.  I hope to help the team find success for their clients.  Learning to think as if I was the consumer is a challenging skill that I can improve on every Wednesday.  I am very excited for the remaining months of this internship and the learning opportunities it will bring.  
Shelly LeMay

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