3 IFTTT Recipes To Make Social Media Work For You

March 4, 2016

IFTTT Recipes can be used to automate your tasks in your daily online connected life. There are a few Recipes I use to help automate my Social Media accounts that I'm finding are much more useful than the generic platform-to-platform auto-post options offered by Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Here’s are 3 IFTTT Recipes I’m currently using to automate and enhance the success of my social media accounts:

  1. Generate Leads Using Twitter
  2. Post your Instagram pic on Twitter as a picture (not a link)
  3. Facebook Page to Twitter - with link AND image

The right Recipe for the job. Here's why.

  IFTTT Recipe
1) Generate Leads Using Twitter

This Recipe can help you to:

  1. Automatically add thousands of users to a new or existing Twitter list based on a hashtag. Easily add up to 5,000 users to your list.
  2. Gain new followers and find interesting users with common interests that you may not have found otherwise.

I've come to find that adding users to your list is like introducing yourself to them without necessarily following them. Here are the types of reactions I've seen from adding users to a list:

  • Sometimes they'll follow you.
  • Other times they'll Tweet a shout out, "hey, thanks for adding me to your list."
  • And occasionally you may receive a Tweet asking you to remove them from your list, and not always in a pleasant way. Don't take it personally. Simply remove them from your list and move forward. I'm finding the positives greatly outweigh the negatives with this Recipe.
  IFTTT Recipe
2) Post your Instagram pic on Twitter as a picture (not a link)

You have the ability to auto-post or share your Instagram photos to Twitter directly from Instagram. The problem? Your Twitter followers will only see your caption and a link to Instagram to view your photo. This means your Twitter followers HAVE to click the link to see what you've posted and they may just skip right over your post no matter how cute your sleeping dog pic really is.

Simple remedy. This IFTTT Recipe will auto-post your Instagram photos to Twitter without you having to do anything. Your followers will see the photo as if you posted your photo through Twitter yourself. You'll see your caption, a link, and your photo. Perfect!

  IFTTT Recipe
3) Facebook Page to Twitter - with link AND image

I tend to ignore a Tweet on Twitter if it looks like it was auto-posted by Facebook. I've even noticed Tweets that provide no content other than an fb.me Facebook link with no idea what's on the other end of that link. None of your followers are going to feel compelled to click that.

Instead, I’ve found that using this Recipe to auto-post your Facebook feed to Twitter generally results in a nice post with a photo if you've posted one. Not always perfectly, but it mostly does a decent job and I’ve noticed these posts get Retweets, Like’s, and a good amount of views on Twitter. I will say I am still experimenting with this Recipe to come up with the perfect combination.


Use what works. Learn from what doesn't.


So far I've had a very positive experience using these Recipes, after some tweaking and adjustments, and look forward to experimenting with IFTTT to find out what other uses may be helpful with Social Media. What recipes are you currently using? Hope to hear from you in the comments below.

Keep learning!

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