Why consider using a database for your website or other online service? Two great reasons are that:

  • Your website has so much information that a database makes it easier for visitors to find the information
  • Visitors to your website need to give you information
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Of course, there are many other benefits to using a database, which include efficient management and ease of implementing updates, ability to edit and publish your own materials.

Information kept up-to-date in a database is immediately available to website visitors. Thus your database driven website is the fastest medium for communicating up-to-the-minute information. Successful sites will alter their content regularly and the content is never out-of-date.

Many businesses already have a database of information, such as products, personnel or customer information. Adding a web front-end will make it readily available to internal staff or external visitors using only a browser.

We develop database applications for a wide range of online and offline solutions including: Realtor Multi-Listing Services, Military Planning Applications, Chamber of Commerce Business Searches, Search Engine Directories, E-Commerce Ordering, Inventory & Supply Chain Management Systems, Document Libraries, Membership Account Services, Real-Time Data Processing, and Message Forums.

Maybe you're not in need of something as sophisticated as these type of solutions but still want a database to drive your website and easily update your site's content. Quadsimia has just the tool you need to plug-in to your website — qDynamo.

With our qDynamo database interface, your website can have a secure administrative control that allows you to instantly update your own website without having to know HTML. qDynamo does not require any special software for you to install and can be used to update your website from any computer with an Internet connection.

Update News, Frequently Asked Questions, Content, Pictures, Job Listings, Document Libraries, User Polls, Calendar of Events, Schedules …and more… using qDynamo. You can also manage and email user accounts on websites that have restricted / member only sections.

Update your website from any computer with an internet connection!

Quadsimia has experience with database products including:

  • MySQL
  • Postgres
  • MS SQL
  • MS Access
  • Oracle
  • Sybase
  • Ingres

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