Cutting Away from the Competition with Ambulatory Surgery Associates

Apr. 11, 2017 — Quadsimia is excited to announce the launch of Ambulatory Surgery Associates' new responsive website. The modern one-page website includes smooth scrolling anchor links, focused content to lead the user through the page, and site responsiveness to display itself according to the device being used by the viewer. One of the site's new unique features includes the ability for users to submit resumes online, which are then e-mailed to a representative, also saved in a database for further review.

Ambulatory Surgery Associates is a full service recruiting firm that specializes in the placement of ambulatory surgery professionals. Working with a number of Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) across the country, Ambulatory Surgery Associates has contacts with management and development companies, physicians and privately owned surgery centers, single and multi-specialty ASCs that are looking for premier talent at an administrative and clinical level. Ambulatory Service Centers have revolutionized outpatient care, providing a variety of same-day procedures such as surgical, diagnostic, and preventative care. They provide an alternative to traditional hospital-based outpatient care, and their patient-centered approach and positive patient outcomes have led to a track record of quality care. To visit the new responsive website, visit

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