Kandi Humpf Welcomed as New Project Manager/Social Media Manager

Kandi Humpf Kandi Humpf
Sep. 8, 2014 — Quadsimia is pleased to announce that Kandi Humpf recently accepted the position of Project Manager/Social Media Manager at Quadsimia.

Kandi will be responsible for the management of website development projects, using communication, planning and organization. She will advocate for the client, and manage their expectations to align with the scope of the project and deliverables. Kandi will be responsible for scheduling each project into Quadsimia's pipeline and making sure projects are completed on-time, on budget and to Quadsimia's high standards. She will report directly to the Director of Business Development, Rocco Fernalld, and the partners.

Kandi's previous experience includes more than 10 years with website development project management, Internet marketing consulting and web/application development. She received her associate's degree from Utica School of Commerce and resides in New York Mills.

Quadsimia's operations are headquartered in scenic Central New York, but we apply the latest technologies to reach beyond our geographic location to clients around the globe. We have more than 120 years combined experience in engineering, software development, computer science, system analysis and integration, graphic design and multimedia, business acquisition and valuation. Quadsimia also leads the way in introducing businesses to the newest technologies related to the web.

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