Q Joins the "IE6 No More" Campaign

IE6 no more IE6 no more
Aug. 6, 2009 — 

Quadsimia has joined other software developers and Internet companies in their campaign to eliminate use of Internet Explorer 6 by discontinuing support for it with our new product releases and current product updates.

Our website will also detect when visitors are using IE6 and offer them the ability to download from a selection of more modern web browsers.

Version 6 of the Microsoft web browser has long since been replaced by newer Internet Explorers - version 7 and version 8. These versions and other browser offerings by Mozilla, Apple, Opera, and Google are less buggy and better support Web Standards. This enables quicker development cycles and for more advanced web technologies to be used on projects.

"I'm pleased that the dev team and myself can move forward faster on projects without having to constantly stop and reengineer everything to work around problems in IE6." stated senior Q developer, Zac W. "Maybe I can even go out, once in a while, on a Thursday night now."

Maybe you can Zac...maybe you can.

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